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100 Percent Silicone Options:


GE Silicone II* Window & Door Caulk

An excellent choice for weatherization; 30 minute rain-ready and sun-/freeze-proof caulk for windows, doors, attics and basements


GE Silicone II* W/D Supreme Caulk

An excellent choice for weatherization when you need extreme joint movement capability due to your home's exposure to excessive hot or cold temperatures; extra flex and 30 minute rain-ready caulk for windows, doors, attics and basements

Paintable Options:


GE Silicone II* Paintable Silicone Caulk

If you need to paint after weatherizing, try 100 percent waterproof and paintable caulk that performs like 100 percent silicone.


Window & Door Supreme Paintable Silicone Caulk

30-minute rain- and paint-ready caulk for exterior and interior applications. Achieves professional-like results: Not sticky/stringy, smoothes easily and goes where it belongs.


Innovations Make Silicone Ready Faster, Work Harder, and Protect Longer

Admittedly, some homeowners and professionals believe silicone caulk is a bit more difficult to use than acrylic, but when it comes to achieving long-term, sustainable savings, silicone is the superior choice.

And, thanks to innovations pioneered by GE Sealants, working with silicone is more convenient than ever. The entire family of GE Silicone II products are formulated to provide enhanced benefits that make them ready faster, work harder, and protect longer.

This is welcome news for time-strapped homeowners and professionals seeking a more convenient, yet long-lasting solution!



Do the benefits of silicone outweigh the cost and extra care involved with its application?

In short, yes. Silicone, unlike acrylic, remains permanently shrink-proof, crack-proof and waterproof, providing long-term sustainable energy savings.

But, it's no secret that when choosing between acrylic and silicone caulks, professionals occasionally cite ease-of-use and price as reasons why they sometimes choose acrylic instead of silicone. Sure, silicone may require a little more care to apply, or even cost a dollar or two more, but when it comes to weatherization, silicone, not acrylic, is the superior choice.

Short on time but dedicated to results? Check out the GE weatherization caulks. Working with silicone is more convenient than ever before! Once you choose a product, learn how to seal in just 5 easy steps.