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The proposed HOME STAR program, more popularly known as “Cash for Caulkers,” which would grant homeowners rebates for energy-efficient improvements, is generating noteworthy press and inspiring Americans nationwide to get out and weatherize. Already passed by the House, HOME STAR is now under consideration by the Senate. Click on the links below to learn more about this exciting program and how you can get involved to help ensure HOME STAR delivers sustained energy savings and environmental benefits.
  • What is HOME STAR?

  • What is the status of HOME STAR today?

  • Do the manufacturers of GE Sealants support HOME STAR?
  • Are home sealing efforts, and caulk specifically, among the improvements/products eligible for pending tax incentives?

  • According to the HOME STAR legislation is silicone caulk considered the best caulk for weatherization?

  • How would I get my rebate?

  • How can I demonstrate my support for HOME STAR and lobby for a minimum of a five-year product lifespan for all tax incentive eligible products?
  • Additional HOME STAR and Tax Incentive Resources