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Company's Coming. Is Your Guest Bathroom Ready?

Designer Carey Evans Offers Tips to Spruce It Up for the Holidays
Huntersville, NC (November 2007): When guests arrive for the holidays, one of their first stops will be the guest bathroom. Now is a great time to give that area of the home a little TLC with a few easy and inexpensive additions that can spruce it up and make it more inviting for company. Carey Evans, designer and "handy-woman" on HGTV shows such as Don't Sweat It, offers tips for a guest bathroom "spruce-up."

"Many homeowners forget about the guest bathroom or they think they need to hire professionals to update it," said Evans. "The tips that follow are great ways for homeowners to spend an afternoon creating a dramatically different look. Their guests will be impressed, and most importantly, they will feel right at home when they come to visit!"

  1. White and bright: Apply new silicone caulk.
    Give your bathroom a clean, fresh look by caulking the sink, toilet, and shower/tub with a silicone caulk such as GE Silicone II* Caulk. New caulk will brighten the space and help protect it from water damage. Plus, the BioSeal* technology in GE Silicone II* Caulk inhibits the growth of unsightly and unhealthy mold and mildew on the new caulk. It's important to use silicone caulk because it is not water based, so there is minimal shrinking or cracking. Acrylic caulk is water based and some acrylics shrink up to 25 percent, creating cracks and gaps that lead to water damage.

  2. Update the focal point: Hang a new shower curtain.
    The curtain is often the first thing people see when entering the bathroom, so a new curtain can really change the room's look. Many homeowners' first thought is to change the color or design. Another idea is to change the texture to add dimension. Or, in the spirit of the holidays, try a seasonal curtain.

  3. Beautify the décor: Frame your vanity mirror.
    A far less expensive option than buying a new frame for the vanity mirror or having it framed is buying a MirrorMate® frame. With MirrorMate frames you can change a plain mirror into a beautiful focal point and it only takes about 20 minutes. They come in various styles, require no special tools or skill to install, and work with any pre-attached mirror.

  4. De-stress your guests: Install a new shower head.
    Let your guests relax and de-stress in a shower with luxurious and soothing falling water. By installing a shower head such as the TriSpa from Oxygenics®, you can provide your guests with one of the best shower experiences possible, and save 30 to 70 percent more water as compared to a normal shower head by increasing the oxygen content in the water.

  5. Add some holiday cheer: Use festive hand towels.
    Colorful hand towels with holiday designs are always a great addition to any bathroom. Since you will only use them once a year, why not splurge on especially attractive and luxurious towels?

  6. Twist and turn: Change the faucets.
    If homeowners are tired of looking at the generic faucet that came with the house, now is the time for a change. They should think of the faucet as a design element for the bathroom and pick one that complements the new décor. Delta® has a wide range of faucets to match any look. With its traditional look and sophisticated styling, the Victorian® Collection is perfectly suited for any classic bathroom décor. However, homeowners looking for a modern twist on a traditional design can pair the faucet with Delta's Brilliance® Stainless finish. It's also available in Venetian Bronze® and Aged Pewter finishes.

  7. Make it warm and cozy: Incorporate candles into the décor.
    Candles add warmth and provide an inviting atmosphere for guests. When choosing candles, homeowners should choose just one scented candle. Multiple scents tend to be overwhelming for small spaces like the guest bathroom. Instead, mix in unscented candles of various heights and colors to make a beautiful arrangement.

  8. Push and pull: Add new hardware.
    Drawer pulls and other hardware can be quickly and easily changed. Transforming that old cabinet into one that really "pops" allows homeowners to be creative and really make a statement
For how-to tips on sealing your home, visit Visit,, and for additional information on sprucing up your guest bathroom.

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